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April Showers Bring May Flowers!

Spring has been slow to arrive on the Door Peninsula. The polar vortex brought cold winds and record breaking snow totals. It was great for winter sports enthusiasts, as well as the native plants and non-native garden perennials. A good, deep snow pack acts not only as an insulator against the brutal cold but also […]


Door County’s Very Own Film Festival!

As mother nature settles into mid winter and the snow deepens around Door County, the temptation to stay wrapped up in blankets and watch movies all day gets stronger. Valentines Day breaks up the long stretch between holidays and offers a diversion and some romance! It’s a perfect reason to visit Door County in the […]


Winter Brings Nature Closer

Planning a Winter trip to Door County can be challenging. What is there to do in the “off season”? What is open for business? What if there is no snow? For the Arctic Adventurers and the shopping warriors, Door County offers plenty to experience during the quieter, colder months of the year.

For those who care […]


Make Winter Memories that will Last Lifetime

The Holiday and Winter Season kicks off just after Thanksgiving in Door County. While this may seem a bit early, it ensures that everyone has an opportunity to enjoy the magic of the season! From shopping and wine tours, special menus and confections, to candle light skis and hikes…there’s something for everyone to enjoy!

Ephraim’s Christmas […]


The Great Indoors!

Outdoor adventuring isn’t for everyone. There are lose who enjoy accessibility, climate control, modern facilities, no mosquitoes…Door County has lots to offer the “Indoor Adventurer”! The Door County Peninsula settles down as soon as kids go back to school, but the day and night life stay active!

Mid-week is a perfect time to come and relax. […]


Music is in the Air in Late August…

Every August, the trees buzz with the song of the cicada accompanied by the wind through the leaves. Combined with the percussion of the waves, nature writes a sweet and languid song. The music of the wind, waves, and wildlife make a great soundtrack to the sun drenched Door Peninsula. It should come as no […]


It’s Cherry Season!

The hot humid days of July means long days at the beach, hikes through the cool woods, and cherries! The mid July sun puts a red gleam on the fruit heavy branches signaling that cherry picking season is about to begin on the Door County Peninsula.

Door County is uniquely suited for cherry growing. The poor […]


Door County Makes Nature Accessible to All!

Door County is home to towering limestone cliffs, sunny beaches, and endless days on the water. The world-class dining and shopping experiences can’t be beat, and there are unique lodgings and accommodations in every corner of the Door Peninsula. The whole area is a veritable playground for young and old, with something for everyone to […]


The Stars at Night are Big and Bright…In Northern Door County!

Big skies and bright stars are often associated with the vast expanse of the American West. However, thanks to the unique location of the Door County Peninsula, unspoiled vistas can be had right here in the upper Mid-west!

Thanks to Lake Michigan and the Green Bay of Lake Michigan, Door County is nearly completely surrounded by […]


Why Can’t I Book in April?

Greetings friends of the Waterbury Inn!

The snow is finally starting to melt and the daffodil bulbs are sending up green shoots! Spring is right around the corner! The change in weather also brings changes at the Waterbury Inn, exciting changes. Some of you may have noticed difficulty in booking dates to stay with us in […]

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