Spring has been slow to arrive on the Door Peninsula. The polar vortex brought cold winds and record breaking snow totals. It was great for winter sports enthusiasts, as well as the native plants and non-native garden perennials. A good, deep snow pack acts not only as an insulator against the brutal cold but also delivers a good deep watering when the temperatures begin to warm. Here at the Waterbury Inn, our spring bulbs are starting to peek through between the lingering snow piles and drifts. They will bring much needed color and an uplift in spirit while we plan the gardens for the upcoming season.

There will be some fun new plants as well as some old favorites gracing the beds around the resort. We are lucky to be able to partner with Jerry’s Flowers in Sister Bay for unique annuals and perennials. We try to start as many varieties of plants ourselves as well as buy in plants from Jerry’s Flowers. Here at the Waterbury Inn we favor heirloom varieties and those not seen every day.

This year we are experimenting with growing hardy hibiscus from seed, and the little plants are doing well. There will be several pot size changes and strategic growth pinches on the horizon, but hope to have lovely strong plants in shades of rose and white to plant around the outdoor pool! Several varieties of Marigold in all sizes and colors are also on the heating mats in the greenhouse, as well as a new bi-color variety of cockscomb (celosia) that we are very excited about.

Our summer resident hummingbird pair will be happy to see their favorite balsam and nicotiana flowers as well this season. The heirloom varieties were garden favorites in by-gone eras and might be remembered from grandmas garden. They are a big hit with hummingbirds, butterflies, and the elusive “hummingbird” moth. Other pollinator-friendly varieties of annuals that are yet to be seeded are salpiglossis, calendula, strawflowers, cosmos, and nasturtiums.

We buy in our petunias, verbena, begonias, and coleus. Jerry’s Flowers is kind enough to let us pick out what we might be interested in from the catalogs, which means fun varieties like the Amore Hearts and Night Sky petunias…we also benefit from their “oops” orders. You’ll see plants and colors not commonly seen, and that’s a ton of fun for us! Last year the cleome in front of the indoor pool reached epic sizes and would have looked right at home in a Dr. Suess story!

More flower beds will be renovated this spring, as well as the outdoor picnic and grilling area! Word has it there will be a gas fire pit and some shiny new built in grills! It will be a perfect way to enjoy a summer evening amongst the flowers! We are booking up fast for the Spring and Summer! Call us today at 920-854-2821 or book online at waterburyinn.com to ensure your spot in Door County!