On August 2nd, a powerful thunderstorm ripped across the Green bay of Lake Michigan, knocking power out in Door County. The entire peninsula north of Sturgeon Bay was effected and many trees were toppled. This meant we’d be without power for more than just a couple hours!

Lucky for residents and visitors alike, some businesses were able to do cash transactions and the Piggly Wiggly grilled up brats and burgers! ¬†Here at the Waterbury Inn, guests got creative with our propane grills. Can you grill a (mostly) frozen pizza? Yes you can! Inside, staff led guests to their rooms by lantern light recalling the “good old days” of early Door County. As the evening turned into night, and still no power, star gazing was the best entertainment. The stars are always bright in Door County, with the towns dark, the Milky Way took center stage!

By morning, it became clear that little Ephraim would not have power until mid-day at earliest. The Waterbury’s general and assistant manager, Traci & Wally, headed to the Piggly Wiggly in Sister Bay to take advantage of their restored power. They made coffee, one pot at a time, in the entry-way of the grocery store and brought doughnuts and kringle for the guests. All day Wally and Randy carried water for, ahem, bathroom purposes!

28 hours after the “typhoon” power was finally restored to the Waterbury! The guest and staff were quite relieved, to be sure! Everyone were great sports and enjoyed the adventure, bringing new meaning to “glamping”…camping indoors is quite glamorous! The adventure will be a great story for years to come!