What exciting changes are coming to the Waterbury you ask? More new furniture! New hallway carpeting! New bed linens!

Last Spring, the units at the Waterbury Inn saw a change in sofa-sleepers, club chairs, and new dishes (the strawberries had served their purpose!). This year, each unit is getting new dining tables and chairs, tv stands, and coffee and cocktail tables! The rich, darker finish on the new mission-style hard furniture create an updated, but cozy, atmosphere!

Each unit has been outfitted with lovely new bedding! The bright white, cozy and clean lines of the new top sheets are oh so inviting after a long day adventuring around the County. Combined with the new faux bois window blinds, the bedding gives a light airy feel to the rooms!

Not to neglect the public areas, we will be laying new carpeting in the hallways! The old blue carpeting has served us well over the years, with many little feet running to the pool, it’s time for a little update! The exercise room will be relocated to the main floor of the hotel, to better serve our guests. Unfortunately, this means the arcade has gone.

How will the Waterbury Inn accomplish all of this? Well, unfortunately it means we have to close for a couple weeks in February and March. The Waterbury Inn will be closed from February 13th-25th and again March 13th-25th. We are still available to take reservations for the upcoming season! Give us a call today to book your stay!