Longer days, warmer temperatures, and the patter of rain mean Spring is right around the corner! Though it hasn’t officially sprung yet, these early warm days have plants and animals waking up all around the Door County peninsula.

The early spring season is a perfect time to appreciate the natural wonders of Door County! The melting snow is the catalyst for an amazing transformation of the quiet winter woods and beaches.

It starts with ice shoves, letting us know that the ice is thinning and the water warming up for boating and beach days! Then the witch hazel and early spring ephemeral wild flowers begin their blooming, the perfect opening show for the late spring orchids! Migratory birds are just beginning to breeze through on their way to their nesting lands, adding their calls to the building symphony of sights and sounds around the county. In the evenings, the chirps of spring peeper frogs at the Ridges Sanctuary ring out to make spring official!

These are the preludes to the natural spectacle that is Door County in Spring. Though the natural wonders may not be as flashy as late spring and early summer, they are much appreciated after the long grey days of winter.

Flowers, birds, and frogs aren’t the only sign that spring is quickly approaching! Running shoes also mean it’s time for the snow to be gone and the Door County Half Marathon to take place. What better way to immerse one’s self in the early spring splendor of Door County than a run through Peninsula State Park?

This year, the Door County Half Marathon is Mother’s Day weekend. What better way to celebrate than to bring mom to Door County to cheer you on or run herself! The Waterbury Inn is centrally located to great parks and scenic views, as well as a shuttle stop for the marathon!

Early Spring and Mother’s day make a perfect duet in Door County!