Summer is in full swing in Door County and we’re busier than ever at the Waterbury Inn! With all this increase in guests, we’ve made a few upgrades around the hotel. Obvious ones include new sofas and window blinds in the rooms. There’s a less than obvious one that eagle-eyed guests may have spotted going up over the last few months…

The 80ft tower on the back corner of the hotel! What is it for you ask? We are proud to offer our guests broadband WiFi! The Waterbury Inn has partnered with a local company, Door County Broadband of Bailey’s Harbor, to bring our guests quality internet services!

Guests will find logging in to their social media and email to be much faster, and each device gets its own secure ip address. The Waterbury is a short walk to several Pokestops and a gym, so you can battle while on your stay! I have it on good authority that a Drowzee can often be seen in the lounge, and an Oddish in the arcade!

There are many routers located around the Waterbury Inn, so guests are never far from a strong signal. The WiFi reaches to the outdoor pool, allowing guests to stay connected while soaking in the sun.